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Creon – A powerhouse of digestive enzymes

A proper digestive life signifies a happy and healthy life, as our food and its metabolism decides the fate of our overall health and its potential to protect us from infections. And to treat the various clinical conditions related to lack of digestion enzymes like pancreatic ducts blockage, cystic fibrosis and chronic inflammation of pancreas; Creon is found to function aptly to mitigate your digestive trouble.

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Creon Action Mechanism

The three enzymes namely lipase, amylase and protease that are present in conjugation in this medication work as three potent weapons of Creon to carry out its desired effect. The conversion of starch to dextrin and simple sugars, breakdown of proteins into proteoses as well as hydrolysis of fats into glycerol and basic fatty acid molecules is the main function of this enzyme coalition that is also called as pancrelipase.

Creon Dosage

Since, Creon contains a combination of digestive enzymes in the form of medication and as it depends on the type of medical condition, amount of fat and steatorrhea constitution in your diet; there is no standard dose of this medication. Only your medical professional will be able to decide the exact dose depending on the above factors but it is usually recommended to be consumed with meals for obtaining effective results.

Creon Advantages

Creon is regarded to be the apt and optimal medication for individuals with digestive complications allied to enzymes. This drug is not only safe, effective and potent in its action but is also very beneficial for patients who have undergone the removal of pancreas through surgery.