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Utilization of MTP kit for medical abortion

Abortion techniques have never been convention in the previous ages wherein surgical methods were chosen by the people for satiating the desire of conclusion of pregnancy. But with the advancement of the medicinal world, the discovery of various abortion pills has been effective non- surgical method for terminating the success of pregnancy.

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Though there has been a plethora of medicinal products, MTP kit is the one which is highly recommended by the health professionals all across the globe.

More on MTP kit

MTP kit is comprised of two essential medicinal products termed as mifeprex (mifepristone) & misoprostol. These medicinal devices make their presence to the categories of prostaglandin pharmaceutics helping for successful measures of abortion & in a way, the proper & effective consideration of such medicinal products, as per the instructions of the health expert, leads for the ceasing of the mechanism of progesterone located in the uterine region. This natural hormone possesses an integral part of functioning for the progression of pregnancy. It leads for the efficient supply of the nourishing agents to the fetus. When this mechanism gets inhibited, it leads for the complete contraction of the uterine wall & even ruptures its lining, which is described as the endometrium. In this way, the process of termination of pregnancy gets completed.


The MTP kit is packed with 200mg mifeprex & 200mcg misoprostol which needs to be considered orally by the patient within 49 days of last menstrual periods. The confirmation results are achieved after a fortnight with the help of clinical tests & ultrasound techniques.


The proper usage of such medicinal products would lead for minimal side-effects which include excruciating pain in the abdominal region, vomiting, pain in the pelvic areas, high fever, etc.