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Accelerate your love process with Zenegra

Zenegra possess the potential to put an end to the distressed life filled with lots of mental torture, social trepidation and ignominy and the sexual rift created you and your partner, which is acquired as a gift from the outrageous sexual condition called erectile dysfunction. And, you yourself will be thrilled the see the wonderful results obtained from the use of this marvelous medication is patching up the gap with your partner.

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Zenegra Action Mechanism

Zenegra carries out the action against impotence by specifically hitting the high spots that include inhibiting the action of the enzyme type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE 5), enhancing cGMP and nitric oxide levels in the body. This causes relaxation of the smooth muscles present around the penis region and increase in the blood flow to the male sexual organ. Hence, achieving and maintaining the erection is obtained in a single shot.

Zenegra Dosage

This oral sildenafil citrate medication is suggested to be taken around 45 - 60 minutes before planning to indulge in sexual intimacy and preferably only with water. Although, there is no general recommended dosage of Zenegra but, medical professionals claim that taking more than 100 mg dose per day can result in serious health effects.

Zenegra Advantages

Kick-starting your sexual life and maintaining the same full alacrity throughout your love moments can be achieved only with the high standard powerful ED medication called Zenegra. Take this marvelous drug and enjoy being swimming in the love sea every night with your partner.